Dear Upcoming Author,

Welcome to Authentic Creations. I named it that because each and every one of us is unique. There are no two people who are the same. Psychologists try to lump people into categories and people try to label us by how we look; but, the truth is that all of us have a different worldview that is based on quite a number of factors. For example, where we were raised, who raised us, our life experiences or (lack of), biological makeup, our personality, traumas and health problems, and the list goes on and on…

You are so unique! There is no one like you! This website offers you an opportunity to truly express yourself…because, let’s face it…it isn’t easy for some of us. Writing your story doesn’t even have to be shared with the world…if you don’t want it to. It can be something you throw in the back of the closet if you don’t want to share it!

I created this site to help people go through the process of examining your life…the good, the bad and the ugly. Why? I have experienced non-stop turmoil in my life. I caused some of it. I put myself in situations that were not good for me. I went through depression, low self-esteem, post traumatic stress, codependency, etc. I went to school to get my degree in Psychology and I have consistently tried to improve myself and my life; but, something clicked after I wrote my book. I no longer had to explain myself to anyone. I started seeing the world that I had created for myself and I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted. I began to take steps toward making my dreams come true. received_822714104505966

As I write this, I have already made great strides in creating a better life for myself since I finished writing my autobiography in June 2015. I decided I needed to live in a warm climate, and I utilized the courage I gained from becoming an author to move from my hometown that I lived in my whole life. It hasn’t been easy; but, I know it is what I need to flourish. I am only getting started. I really want to help you get on track to create the life you’ve always wanted, too!

Take a leap of faith in yourself! You are worth it! All of us are!

The Authentic Creations program has different options that are designed to meet your needs as an upcoming author. Here is a breakdown one by one:

The Do It Yourself offers you the Self-Publishing Workbook for $10. It has all of the basic information you need and templates to help you through the writing process. You will also receive the Self-Actualization Workbook to help you identify key aspects of your life experiences.

The Online Writer’s Workshop, for $15 per month, offers the two workbooks offered in the Do It Yourself program plus access to the online program that includes: a six month program to complete your book, a writer’s chat lounge, online help desk, and general phone/email support. The Online Writer’s Workshop begins April 1, 2016 and runs through October 31, 2016.

BEST VALUE! The One-on-One program, for $100 per month, includes all of the above, plus you will have a mentor with you throughout the entire process from getting started to selling your book, week by week activities, technical support, a website and email, coaching, feedback on book design and creation, setting up social media on your website, and getting your ISBN and UPC symbols.

The A La Carte option gives you the ability to purchase only the items that you need to get your book written and on the market.

Sign up for the program that works best for you! See you on the inside.

Warm Wishes,

Authentic Creations